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Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro (Ce.U.B.)
Bertinoro (FC)

Bertinoro is on the hilltop of the Romagna region, between Forlì and Cesena. Altough a Roman settlement was present in the area, Bertinoro was founded as Castrum Brittanorum by Breton Benedict monks at the beginning of the 7th century. Thanks to its strategic location, Bertinoro was sought-after by different feudal families tand then incorporated into the Papal properties. At the beginning of the 13th century, the judge Guido del Duca put a great effort to implement Bertinoro hospitaly and ordered the construction of the “Column of Hospitality”. 

The column has twelve rings, each corresponding to a patrician family, and dedicated to pilgrims that were eventually hosted by those families.. The value of hospitality in Bertinoro is also cited by Dante Alighieri in the Canto XIV of the Purgatory and by Giovanni Boccaccio in the novel with Lizio da Balbona.


Organizing Secretariat Monica Michelacci
Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro (Ce.U.B.) Via Frangipane 6,
Bertinoro (FC)
Scientific ContactsFrancesca Schirru

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