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31 May - 2 June 2018

Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro (Ce.U.B.)
Bertinoro (FC), Italy


31 May 2018

Day One

18.00 Opening
18.15 Lecture: The role of nerves in cancer initiation and progression (H. Hondermarck)
19.30-20.30 Welcome Cocktail

1 June 2018

Day Two

Session 1 - Circulating tumor cells
8.30 Lecture: Analytical methods to assess tumor heterogeneity (Dominique Heymann)

Session 2 - The role of stroma: vascular niche, immune cells, mesenchymal stromal cells

11.00 Lecture: Vascular niches in bone: heterogeneity and therapeutic potential (Anjali Kusumbe)

Session 3  - Stemness and malignancy

14.00 Lecture: New therapies with anti-tumor activity in sarcoma stem cells (RenĂ© Rodriguez)

Session 4 - Genome -  wide transcriptome profiling
 Lecture: Gut microbiota profiling and response to chemotherapy (Silvia Turroni)

2 June 2018

Day Three

Session 5 - Crucial molecular pathways and drug resistance
8.30 Lecture: Germline genetics of Ewing sarcoma susceptibility and progression (Thomas GrĂ¼newald)

Session 6 - Cancer metabolism

11.00 Lecture: Functional and molecular imaging in cancer (Dario Longo)